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Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrollment



Workplace Pensions is now upon us and every company that employs staff will need to offer a Workplace pension to staff. Any staff earning over £10,000 per annum will need to be automatically enrolled into the scheme with the option to exclude themselves from the scheme after auto enrollment has occurred.


Star Payroll Services can offer a Workplace Pension solution. We can assess your workforce for staff who are due to be enrolled automatially and also those who do not require automatic enrollment but may want to be enrolled into the scheme.


We can take you through the stages from the staging date to the Declaration of Compliance. Incomplete Declarations of Compliance will result in a fine from the DWP, don't get a fine. 


All companies are given Staging dates which define the date in which you are required to have established a pension scheme and enrolled staff in that scheme


The Declaration of Compliance must be completed every 3 years as well as staff who have not enrolled must be reassessed every 3 years


Star Payroll Services is a registered agent for NEST and therefore can manage a scheme should NEST be the chosen pension provider. We do not insist on any particular pension company although we do prefer NEST but can deal with providing the report needed to upload to your chosen provider