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Tariff of charges



First 20 employees - £4.00 per employee

Next 30 employees - £3.50 per employee

Thereafter - £2.50 per employee



Please note there is a minimum charge of £20 per month which allows upto 5 staff members on payroll. This applies to 4 weekly and monthly payroll runs.

The minimum charge for a weekly payroll is £8.00 per week


The above charges apply per payroll run. 


Payroll can be prepared monthly, Weekly, Quarterly or Annually


The above charges includes the complete payroll solution with exception to the following


£5 per month for preparation and submission of the RTI documentation to HMRC


Year end preparation and supplied P60's which is charged once a year in April and is charged at £4.00 per employee. This is based on number of staff appearing on the Year end submission.


 The minimum year end charge is £40








Example of charges - 5 staff on a payroll per month

Cost £20 per month + £5 per month for RTI

Total monthly cost = £25 per month

P60s £40 once a year

Total annual charge £340 pa